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Latissimus Flap Surgery in Livingston, New Jersey

Dr. Cooperman performs a wide variety of breast reconstruction services in order to meet the growing demands of his valued patients in Livingston, New Jersey. With a wide variety of techniques and surgeries available, Dr. Cooperman is able to work with a diverse pool of patients to meet their aesthetical desires after a mastectomy or injury.

What is Latissimus Flap Surgery?

This unique method of breast reconstruction utilizes the patient’s own tissues to achieve a natural looking breast.  The Latissimus Flap breast reconstruction procedure uses the patient’s own skin, fat and muscle from the back, beneath their shoulder blade area. The tissue, or “flap”, is then removed from the back and transplanted to the chest where it is sculpted by Dr. Cooperman to create a new “breast”.

Upon moving the skin and fat to the chest area, the blood supply is left intact in the armpit. Usually, but not always, an implant or tissue expander is placed under the flap to provide the correct volume to the reconstructed breast. An expander is used to safely and slowly increase the volume of the chest. The expander is filled with a sterile saline solution over a couple of months until the desired chest size is achieved, upon which Dr. Cooperman replaces the expander with an implant within the chest. Patients of Dr. Cooperman in Livingston also have the option of nipple and areolar reconstruction following the Latissimus Flap procedure. For cosmetic purposes, this is often performed after the flap heals to insure the best possible position of the nipple and areola.

Post-operative Recovery After Latissimus Flap Surgery

This procedure typically requires around one or two days of hospitalization, followed by a few days of rest at home. The incision in the back where the skin and fat is extracted from is closed directly, and only a small scar is left after everything is healed. The completed breast heals to look completely normal both under clothes and when exposed.

Patients report some discomfort in both the back and the chest, usually lasting 2-3 weeks. Dr. Cooperman typically removes all of the sutures within a month, upon which the area should be mostly healed. Discomfort of the back and reconstruction site will be present for several weeks. Full use of the area will require about four weeks of healing.

Some patients opt for additional procedures following the Latissimus Flap procedure. Dr. Cooperman provides many of these services for his patients in Livingston, including but not limited to enlargement, lifting, or reduction of the opposite breast, and nipple (areolar) reconstruction.

Dr. Cooperman has performed several Latissimus Flap surgeries, offering patients in Livingston this added option when seeking breast reconstruction following a mastectomy.  Major complications to Latissimus Flap surgery are rare, and patients rarely experience side effects.

Who is the ideal candidate for Latissimus Flap Surgery?

The ideal candidate for this surgery is usually someone who is missing skin and breast tissue following a mastectomy.  A near perfect match can be obtained when the reconstruction is performed at the same time as a skin-sparing mastectomy.  When there is a delay between a mastectomy and reconstruction, or when a large amount of skin is lost, the Latissimus Flap will compensate for the skin defect.

Reconstruction procedures provided by Dr. Cooperman in Livingston, NJ are typically covered by insurance. Schedule a consultation in Livingston today to have Dr. Cooperman determine if you are a suitable candidate for Latissimus Flap surgery as your breast reconstruction method. With Dr. Cooperman’s expertise, you will be in excellent hands throughout the entire process as he works to develop a customized reconstruction plan to meet your goals and desires.

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