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Breast Reduction Procedure in Livingston, New Jersey

Breast reduction is a procedure to reduce the size of the breasts. Some women have overly large breasts, making them feel self conscious and often resulting in back, shoulder, and neck pain.  Breast reduction surgery involves the surgical removal of excess fat, tissues, and skin in the breasts. The breasts are then moved up the chest wall to provide a more youthful, proportional and lifted look.

Breast reduction candidates should be women who wish to reduce the overall size of their breasts, are in good health, are non smokers, are not currently pregnant or have not been nursing for at least six months, are interested in the breast reduction on their own accord, and are comfortable with the risks associated with a breast reduction.

There are two different incision options for a breast reduction surgery.  If the surgeon needs to remove a substantial amount of glandular tissue, fat and skin as well as significantly raise the nipple-areola complex, he or she typically recommends a traditional incision approach. Sometimes called the “anchor” incision approach, this incision technique involves the use of three incision patterns: the periareolar, vertical and inframammary incisions. Women who require a lesser degree of tissue reduction and nipple and areola elevation may be appropriate candidates for a modified, “short-scar” approach to breast reduction. Sometimes referred to as the “lollipop” incision approach, this modified breast reduction technique only requires the use of periareolar and vertical incisions.


New Jersey Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure with the use of general anesthesia. Once the incisions are made, the surgeon will eliminate the excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue from the breast. The nipple is also raised higher onto the breast, and tissues are kept in place under the nipple so that the nipple keeps its sensation. The surgeon can also reduce the size of the areola if necessary.

When the procedure is complete, the plastic surgeon closes the incisions with dissolvable stitches and dresses the treatment area with soft bandages and a surgical bra on top. Immediately following the procedure, patients are taken to a room where they can rest for a couple of hours while the effects of the anesthesia wear off. They are then released into the care of a responsible individual, who can take them home to recover comfortably.

After breast reduction surgery, it is important to refrain from all activities and work for at least one week. Patients should rest during this time and refrain from strenuous activity. It is also important for patients to take short walks frequently around the house to prevent the development of blood clots.

The treatment area may initially feel sore, tender or numb. Patients should take the prescribed pain medications to relieve any discomfort. The breasts may also be bruised or swollen, but these symptoms are normal and will eventually subside. Patients must go to follow-up appointments and receive clearance from their doctor to return to normal daily activities and exercise to ensure everything is healing properly.


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