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Livingston, New Jersey Arm Lift Procedure

Many people suffer with low self-esteem about their arms. Loose, sagging skin and localized fat pockets on the upper arms leave many people afraid to wear short sleeves or feeling self conscious in public. Fortunately, Dr. Cooperman offers the arm lift for those interested in improving the appearance of their upper arms so that they are left with a toned, tight end result.

A brachioplasty, more commonly known as an arm lift, is a surgical procedure that tightens loose or sagging skin on the arms. Old age, genes, and weight fluctuations can all be to blame for the less-than-desirable appearance of your upper arms. Regardless of diet and exercise, an arm lift is the only way to tighten the skin and achieve the results you have always wanted.

Arm Lift Surgery in New Jersey

After an initial consultation, Dr. Cooperman will determine if you are an ideal patient for an arm lift procedure. He will go over your options with you, including other body contouring procedures offered at Cooperman Plastics that can help you achieve your desired aesthetic results. Dr. Cooperman will explain exactly what type of results you can expect from your procedure.

Next, you will set up a date for the procedure. An arm lift can be performed under a local anesthetic or general anesthesia. Next, Dr. Cooperman will make an incision along the inside of the upper arm and tighten the skin. More incisions may be necessary to remove excess skin if present. The procedure takes about 2-3 hours to complete depending on the individual case.

Arm Lifts (Brachioplasty) Doctor in Livingston, NJ

The results from the arm lift will be apparent almost immediately, leaving a tighter and more contoured shape.  The full results will be noticeable once swelling, bruising, and stitches have all healed. Swelling will go down over times, but can take as long as 6 months to completely go down.

Patients recovering from an arm lift should walk around immediately after the procedure to prevent blood clots. While healing is a gradual process and different for everyone, patients are typically back to their daily activities and work within 7-10 days. Dr. Cooperman will follow-up with post-op appointments to ensure that everything is healing correctly and to answer any questions the patient may have.

If you are looking to improve the look of your arms, a brachioplasty in Livingston, NJ may be the right option for you. Contact Dr. Cooperman today to learn more about an arm lift, and to discuss your options for meeting your aesthetic goals. We look forward to meeting you!

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