Breast Procedures in Livingston, NJ

Dr. Cooperman Plastics and Reconstruction offer a variety of breast procedures to meet your desires for your body. Our plastic surgeons are competent and extremely experienced in a variety of breast procedures, to ensure that the end result is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Our breast procedures include breast enhancement, breast lift, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction.

Breast enhancement, or breast augmentation, is a surgical procedure to enhance the size and volume of the breasts.  Implants are either silicone or saline, and come in a variety of sizes to meet the look you would like to attain.

Another option for enhancement is a natural breast augmentation. This procedure involves the liposuction of fat cells from another area of the body with excess fat, and then that fat is injected into the breasts. This can be done in two treatments if a more dramatic enhancement is desired.

Livingston, New Jersey Breast Lift Surgery

A breast lift is a procedure in which excess skin causing the breast to sag is removed, and then the breast is moved higher on the chest to promote a more youthful appearance. Breast lifts are often preferred among mothers after going through pregnancy and breast feeding, or among women after a weight loss that causes the breasts to sag.

Breast reduction is a procedure to reduce the size of the breasts. Some women have overly large breasts, making them feel self-conscious and often resulting in back, shoulder, and neck pain.  Breast reduction surgery involves the surgical removal of excess fat, tissues, and skin in the breasts. The breasts are then moved up the chest wall to provide a more youthful, proportional and lifted look.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery in New Jersey

Breast reconstruction is the surgery performed after a mastectomy or lumpectomy to restore the appearance of the breasts following breast cancer treatment. The compassionate surgeons at Dr. Cooperman Plastics and Reconstruction will provide you with a wide array of reconstruction options, and work hand in hand with your oncologist to ensure that your needs medically and aesthetically are met.

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