Liposuction in Livingston, NJ

Dr. Cooperman Plastics and Reconstruction offer a Liposuction procedure to remove excess fat under the skin. We are sensitive to the trouble many individuals have eliminating the stubborn fat pockets on their body. Often, regardless of diet and exercise, localized fat pockets are nearly impossible to get rid of. Liposuction surgery helps you to achieve the body you have been working hard to get.

Liposuction is ideal for individuals at or slightly above their ideal body weight who want to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat; fat that is under the skin. Liposuction can treat any area of the body, but is most commonly done on the abdomen, love handles, back, knees, thighs, buttocks, hips, chin, and neck.

Laser Lipo in Livingston, NJ

While liposuction is great for removing excess fat, it is not a tool for massive weight loss. A liposuction candidate must be within 15 pounds of their ideal body weight. The fat cells that are removed will not grow back, but the remaining fat cells can grow larger with moderate weight gain and new fat cells can grow. Liposuction also does not restore skin elasticity, therefore if an individual’s skin is already loose, a tummy tuck might be a better option to achieve your aesthetic results.

With that in mind, appropriate candidates for liposuction surgery generally include individuals who are at or slightly above their optimal body-weight, and feel confident they can maintain that weight following surgery, are bothered by localized fat deposits that are resistant to healthy lifestyle habits, have healthy skin elasticity, are in good general health, both physically and mentally, and look to improve their body rather than reach perfection.

Each patient has unique goals and body types. The doctors at Dr. Cooperman Plastics and Reconstruction offer several liposuction options to meet a patient’s aesthetic goals. Liposuction surgery is generally performed on an outpatient basis, under general anesthesia. In select cases, liposuction may be performed under local anesthesia and IV sedation. Rarely, an overnight stay at a medical facility may be required for individuals undergoing liposuction on many areas of the body, or if a large volume of fat is being removed. Liposuction may also be performed in conjunction with another cosmetic procedure.

Liposuction Recovery Time New Jersey

To start the liposuction procedure, the plastic surgeon makes several small incisions in the treatment area(s). The surgeon strategically places the incisions in areas of the body that are easily concealed either by clothing or by the natural contours of the body. The plastic surgeon typically injects a tumescent solution comprised of lidocaine (an anesthetic), epinephrine and sterile saltwater into the area to be treated, to minimize blood loss and bruising. The surgeon then inserts a cannula (a thin, hollow tube) through the incision, suctioning out the unwanted fat. Many times, stitches are not needed to close the miniscule incisions. If stitches are needed, dissolvable sutures are used. The treated area is dressed with bandages and an overlying compression garment.

Your surgeon will consult with you on the best liposuction technique based on your frame and unique aesthetic goals. Some patients may be suitable candidates for different liposuction techniques, such as ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL), power-assisted liposuction (PAL) and laser liposuction. Liposuction techniques include traditional liposuction, which involves using a suctioning, or vacuuming, action to facilitate fat removal from under the skin; UAL, which involves using ultrasound energy to liquefy fat cells for easier removal; PAL, involving the use of a vibrating cannula to facilitate the removal of fat; and laser liposuction, a minimally invasive procedure which can often be performed with local anesthesia and IV sedation, for a quicker recovery.

Following liposuction surgery, patients should expect to take four to seven days off from work or their usual routine. During this time, they need to get plenty of rest and any avoid vigorous activity. The treatment area may be swollen, sore, bruised or numb, but these are normal symptoms that will improve with time. Patients must wear a compression garment over the treated area for several weeks following the procedure.

The aesthetic results take about six months to become fully actualized, as this is how long it takes for any residual swelling to subside. During the follow-up appointments at the Dr. Cooperman Plastics and Reconstruction, the surgeon will analyze the healing progress and give the “okay” for an individual to return to normal activities.

Liposuction in Livingston, NJ

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