TUG Flap Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction in New Jersey

At Cooperman Plastics, conveniently located in Livingston, New Jersey, a wide variety of services are available for all patients to meet just about any desired needs and goals. With the growing demand of breast reconstructive procedures, Dr. Cooperman is proud to offer a variety of options in which your desired look can be achieved. Included in the many options is a TUG Flap procedure, which may be the right choice for your breast reconstruction procedure.

What is a TUG Flap?

TUG stands for Transverse Upper Gracilis, which refers to the upper thigh region near the crease of the groin. Dr. Cooperman will use the tissue and skin from this area to be used in the reconstruction of the breasts. This tissue and skin will be used to sculpt in a naturally appearing breast.

Benefits of a TUG Flap Surgery in New Jersey

What makes a TUG Flap preferred among most women is the fact that it uses your own skin and tissue, resulting in a more natural look. This means that you do not have to worry about any of the many risks that come with a silicone implant. With a TUG Flap, not only are you reaching a desired look for your breasts, but you’re also improving your inner thigh region.

Ideal Candidates for a TUG Flap Surgery

Post-operative Recovery after TUG Flap Surgery

A hospital stay of 3-4 days is required post TUG Flap surgery.  On about the first day, you should be out of bed with the assistance of a nurse. By the time you’re sent home, you will be able to perform all basic functions of daily living. Dr. Cooperman will provide thorough written instructions regarding the entire recovery process.

A full recovery can be expected at about one month after the procedure. Although you can expect to see minor scars in both the breasts and inner thighs, they are easy to hide with standard clothing.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Cooperman to determine if a TUG Flap is the right procedure for your breast reconstructing needs. Call our Livingston, New Jersey office today at (973) 994-2021.