New Jersey Nipple Areola Tattoo Procedure

The last procedure to restore the appearance of a breast reconstruction is tattooing of a new nipple and areola. There are traditional methods of nipple reconstruction that may be available to select women. This is an outpatient procedure done under local anesthesia. It involves using the skin on the reconstructed breast to make a nipple. Ultimately, this area is tattooed to provide a natural look to the breast.

However, there is a movement currently toward the technique of 3-D tattooing. Dr.Cooperman has a close working relationship with tattoo artist Renee Maschinot who is a leading expert in this method. With various pigments, Renee performs blending, shading, and coloring to give a truly realistic appearance of a nipple and areola. Her work has been a great advancement in not only the options but the outcomes of our patients. Dr. Cooperman has been featured on her website Re:Storation Ink for their collaborations.

Breast Cancer Survivor Procedures in New Jersey

If you would like to learn more about Renee Maschinot and view pictures of her work, visit her website. Dr. Cooperman would be happy to give you more information of breast reconstruction techniques, nipple reconstruction methods, areola tattoo, and help you decide which methods will be best for achieving the results you desire.

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