Livingston, New Jersey Nerium Treatment

If you wish to see an improvement in your skin but are still skeptical about injectable treatments, there is another safe option to consider. Put down those over the counter topical creams that claim to vanish your wrinkles when all they end up doing is drying out and irritating your skin. Dr. Cooperman is certified in assisting in this area of personal care and well-being, as well.

Dr. Cooperman is pleased to offer the revolutionary skin care product, Nerium. This product has been proven effective in smoothing out forehead and laugh lines, firming jaw lines and smoothing the lines surrounding lips. In addition to these already miraculous results, patients report a clearer complexion and more even skin tone. Nerium has shown results on both men and women

Anti-Aging Procedure in Livingston, NJ

The secret is in the exclusive, patented ingredients that provide a breakthrough in anti-aging. In fact, this was an accidental discovery made during years of research, with the combination of the following main ingredients:

And more ingredients including Peptide Matrix, Vitamin E and C, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin and COQ10.

Nerium Products in New Jersey

The combination of these ingredients come together to formulate these skincare products:

This one of a kind product is simple to use and ideal for almost anyone that wishes to regain a more youthful look for their skin. Nerium products can conveniently be purchased through Dr. Cooperman’s office located in Livingston, New Jersey.

For more information on Nerium and whether the product is right for you, call (973) 994-2021.