Nerium Procedure in Short Hills, New Jersey

Recognized as one of the richest towns in America, Short Hills is notable for being an affluent community of New Jersey. A popular commuter town, residents of Short Hills, New Jersey can be found traveling to New York City for work. An even shorter commute for Short Hills’ residents is the town of Livingston, New Jersey.

Situated in Livingston is the renowned Cooperman Plastics. Dr. Cooperman of Cooperman Plastics is highly skilled in non-surgical procedures and has been treating patients in Short Hills for years. Dr. Cooperman is now pleased to offer patients the revolutionary skin care product, Nerium in Short Hills.

New Jersey Anti-Aging Procedure

Put down those topical creams that dry out and irritate your skin! If you live in Short Hills and are looking to get rid of those pesky wrinkles, the Nerium product at Cooperman Plastics is perfect for you. Dr. Cooperman is expertly trained and certified in this area of skin care.

Nerium is perfect for patients in Short Hills looking to get rid of forehead and laugh lines, and who want to firm jaw lines and smooth the lines surrounding the lips. Along with these miraculous results, patients in Short Hills who have already used Nerium products reported a clearer complexion and more even skin tone. Nerium has shown beneficial results on both men and women in Short Hills.

The secret to this exclusive product is patented ingredients that provide a breakthrough in anti-aging; helping patients in Short Hills get rid of unflattering facial features. In fact, Nerium was an accidental discovery made during years of research, with the combination of the following ingredients:

Nerium Products

The combination of these secret ingredients come together to create a line of skin care products to help patients living in Short Hills improve their skin:

This miracle product is easy to use and ideal for almost anyone in Short Hills that wishes to regain a more youthful look for their skin. Nerium products can be purchased through Dr. Cooperman’s office. Stop by today or call us at (973) 994-2021 for more information on our Nerium products!