Tucked away neatly inside of New Jersey’s Millburn township lays Short Hills – a beautiful residential community located in the southwest corner of Essex County. Even though the commuter town – which is just 20-something miles away from New York City – is admired greatly for its supreme location to the big apple, its residents love the fact that it still boasts a quaint, small-town feel. And don’t let the label of a “commuter town” fool you – Short Hills has spacious square-footage, with amenities like a pristine community pool and par 3 golf course. Along with other similar, neighboring towns is Livingston, NJ – home of Cooperman Plastics: The well-known, trusted provider of cosmetic, reconstructive, and nonsurgical procedures.

How It Works – and Who Can Benefit – in Short Hills  

Meeting the growing demands of Short Hills residents, Dr. Cooperman offers the Latissimus Flap breast reconstruction procedure. A truly unique surgery, the patient’s own tissue is created to achieve the most natural looking breast possible. Women who seek this procedure in the Short Hills area are typically missing both breast and skin tissue after their mastectomy.

During this surgery, Dr. Cooperman takes the patient’s skin, fat and muscle from their back – right beneath the shoulder blade. This tissue, referred to as the “flap”, is then placed into the chest, and molded into a new breast. After the new breast is sculpted, the patient’s blood supply remains undamaged inside their armpit. If Dr. Cooperman finds it necessary, he will then use an implant or tissue expander to correct volume of the newly reconstructed breast, and does so by inserting it under the flap. Over the course of a few months, an expander is used to slowly increase the chest’s volume, filled with sterile saline solution – until the patient’s desired chest size is finally achieved.

Post Surgery Recovery and Additional Follow-Up Procedures in Short Hills

Post Latissimus Flap breast reconstruction, another convenience available to Short Hills patients, is a follow-up nipple and areolar reconstruction – performed for cosmetic reasons, it produces the best nipple and areola position once the flap has healed. After the Latissimus Flap breast reconstruction and optional nipple and areolar reconstruction are performed, Dr. Cooperman typically removes all the sutures by the month’s end, after the patient has had a few days of recovery. Upon four full weeks of healing, women can enjoy full use of the area.  Some patients also opt for additional breast reconstruction procedures once they have recovered – these include, but aren’t limited to, enlarging or lifting the opposite breast and nipple reconstruction. Such detail, carefulness and time make the Latissimus Flap breast reconstruction procedure so invaluable to Dr. Cooperman’s Short Hills clients.

If you are located in Short Hills, and feel that you’re a good candidate for Latissimus Flap breast reconstruction, come experience Dr. Cooperman’s quick and successful results. Located nearby on 22 Old Short Hills Road, Suite 101 in Livingston, Cooperman Plastics’ office is just miles away. Contact Dr. Cooperman’s office by calling (973) 440-2272 for a consultation today.