Breast Revision Surgery in Livingston, New Jersey


What is Breast Revision Surgery?

Unfortunately, sometimes procedures do not go exactly as planned and results are far from what was expected.  A breast revision surgery is a procedure for women who are dissatisfied with a previous breast augmentation or reduction procedure. Dr. Cooperman works to correct the areas of previous surgeries that you are unhappy with in order to provide the beautiful, natural-looking results that you should have received the first time.

When to Consider Breast Revision Surgery?

During your consultation at Cooperman Plastics, Dr. Cooperman will discuss your past procedure with you to figure out where something may have gonewrong. Sometimes the actual procedure itself was not the cause of the unhoped for results, but rather the complications that appeared after the procedure. Dr. Cooperman will then determine the best procedure to address the areas of concern in order to meet your unique needs.

Patients may desire breast revision surgery for the following reasons:

The Breast Revision Procedures:

The breast revision procedure that will be performed depends on the exact reason for the revision:

Change of implant size – Dr. Cooperman will try to use the original incision to remove and replace the implant. The incision and the pocket will be enlarged if you desire larger breast results. The size of the pocket will be decreased surgically for the reduction of the breasts. A breast lift can be done during the procedure as well.

Change of implant position – Using the prior incision, Dr. Cooperman will manipulate the scar tissue from the capsule surrounding the implant to reconstruct the pocket in to the appropriate position.

Removal of implant – The original incision made to insert the implant is always used for the removal. To ensure quick healing, the capsule is often surgically removed during this process. A breast lift can be performed if that implant was large enough to stretch the skin.

Capsular contracture – The prior incision will be used to remove the hardened capsule and implant, and to insert the new one.

Rippled implant – If the edges of the implant are visible and can be felt, Dr. Cooperman will reposition the implant through the original incision, replacing the implant if necessary.

All procedures are performed while the patient is under anesthesia. Depending on which procedure is required it can take one to three hours. Patients are advised not to perform vigorous activities for 6 weeks but can return to work in the first 1-2 weeks.

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