West Orange, New Jersey Breast Reduction Specialist

West Orange is a suburban town to envy in Essex County, NJ. Close-knit neighborhoods offer a diverse selection of housing options with breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline. In West Orange you can also find top-rated schools, entertainment, and restaurants featuring cuisines from all over the world.

Only a short distant away by car or bus is the town of Livingston, NJ. Located in Livingston is the popular Cooperman Plastics. Dr. Cooperman offers breast reduction for women in West Orange who have overly large breasts looking to feel less self-conscious about their body or for women who are looking to reduce pain in their neck, back or shoulders.

Breast Reduction

If you are experiencing pain in your neck, back, or shoulder due to oversized breasts, a breast reduction might be the solution for you. Breast reduction surgery for women in West Orange requires the surgical removal of excess fat, tissues, and skin in the breasts. The breasts are then moved up the chest wall to provide a more proportional and lifted look.

Women in West Orange looking for breast reduction surgery should be aware that there are two different types of incisions. If the surgeon needs to remove significant tissue, fat and skin as well as raise the nipple and areola, your plastic surgeon will recommend a traditional incision approach. This technique involves the use of three incision patterns: the periareolar, vertical and inframammary incisions.

Women in West Orange who require a lesser degree of tissue reduction may be the right candidates for a modified, “short scar” approach to breast reduction. This modified breast reduction technique, sometimes referred to as a “lollipop” incision, and requires just the periareolar and vertical incisions.


Women in West Orange who decide to undergo breast surgery at Cooperman Plastics will be put under general anesthesia, and will receive the incisions made determined by their surgeon. Once the incisions are made, the surgeon will eliminate the excess skin, fat and tissue from the breast. The nipple will also be raised higher on the breast, keeping the tissues in place under the nipple so that the nipple keeps its sensation.

When the procedure is complete, your plastic surgeon will close the incision with dissolvable stitches and will dress the treatment area with soft bandages and a surgical bra on top.

After being released, you will have a recovery time of one week where you must refrain from work. During this time you should rest and not participate in any strenuous activity. Your breasts may feel sore, tender, or numb but these symptoms are normal and will eventually subside. Patients residing in West Orange must go to follow-up appointments at Cooperman Plastics and receive clearance from their doctor to return to daily activities and exercise to make sure everything is healing properly.

If you are a woman in West Orange looking for a breast reduction, contact Cooperman Plastics for a consultation today! Dr. Cooperman’s personalized consultation will help you find the right procedure to meet your needs and preferences.