Short Hills, New Jersey is a clean cut community made up of just about 1,500 acres. Even though it’s officially apart of Millburn township, the Essex County municipality earned its own zip code, and has a tremendous amount of unique things to do, which makes it stand out – for example, the Mall at Short Hills (which is comprised of 160 stores). Less than an hour outside of New York City, the town is also ideal for commuters. It’s no secret that Short Hills is the perfect place to hangout with friends, start a family or just spend a day shopping – but it’s also a convenient location to receive high quality cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, as it’s just minutes away from the office of Cooperman Plastics.

Dr. Cooperman welcomes his valued Short Hills customers to strongly consider receiving breast implant reconstruction surgery, especially considering their close proximity to his Livingston, NJ office. The procedure is particularly appealing to those women who have received a mastectomy, lumpectomy or injury – and are now at a place where they feel comfortable enough to receive implants. During the breast implant reconstruction, a prosthetic implant – either saline or silicone gel – is placed under the muscle within the patient’s chest. The size of the implant will be decided upon by Dr. Cooperman and the patient, based on her body type and preference. To the relief of many Short Hills customers, the only types of implants utilized during the surgery are FDA-approved.

During the Procedure in Short Hills NJ

Because the surgery is done using general anesthesia, you will not feel any pain during your breast implant reconstruction. To ensure a safe, quick and healthy recovery, Dr. Cooperman is heavily involved in the care of each patient after her procedure is complete. Every Short Hills patient’s case will be considered by him, in order to cater the best mode of recovery possible. Dr. Cooperman will provide further instruction on recovery post-surgery, but women can potentially return back to a normal, daily routine in as little as three weeks’ time – all recovery progress permitting.

When a Short Hills patient receives breast implant reconstruction, Dr. Cooperman strives to achieve the same natural look of the breasts she once had. Upon coming in for an initial consultation, he will compassionately consult women on which procedure, if any, is best for them to receive.

Cooperman Plastics is just a ten-minute trip away from Short Hills, with an office located on 22 Old Short Hills Road, Suite 101 in Livingston. If you – or any other deserving woman in your life – is seeking to receive breast implant reconstruction, or any other type of breast reconstruction surgery, contact Dr. Cooperman’s office by calling (973) 440-2272 for a consultation today.